In which I play a game with an AI.

This article originally appeared on Nathan Whitmore made a text adventure game which is generated by a neural network. It’s called GPT2 Adventure. This is the log of my playthrough, if that’s the right term. The game talks in CAPITALS, I don’t. GLEAMING SPUTTERINGS YOU ARE STANDING IN A GRASSY MEADOW A PATH FOLLOWS A STREAM TO THE EAST A UNICORN GRAZES BY THE STREAM pet unicorn YOU ARE PEACEFULLY GRAZING A UNICORN THE UNICORN IS NOWHERE TO BE SEEN THE UNICORN'S MIGHTY BLOW DROPS YOU TO YOUR KNEES ow THE UNICORN BARELY ESCAPED DEATH, BY IMPALING IT WITH HIS MIGHTY BLOW Don't fight the unicorn DON'T FIGHT THE UNICORN!

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No Man's Science

In which there are spoilers.

In an aside to a previous post, I complained about the arbitrary chemistry of No Man’s Sky. Recently, I received an answer of sorts from the game itself. SPOILERS Aboard the Anomaly, Nada the Robopriest is running the numbers. “Physics simplistic. Chemistry arbitrary. Hypothesis: simulation.” In other words, It’s only a game.

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