Csound on Stack Exchange

Wouldn’t it be nice…

…if there were an equivalent of Stack Overflow, the popular and tremendously useful programming question-and-answer site, for Csound?

That’s what these guys are proposing. I’ve put my name to it (the 7th supporter - never let it be said I’m not an early adopter), but I’m not convinced it’s got the momentum to take off. After all, there is already Stack Overflow itself, which has all of 19 questions tagged “csound”. It has over a million questions tagged with each of “javascript”, “java” and “c#”, and nearly a million tagged “php” (the horror!), but they don’t get their own sites.

So good luck; I’ll join in if it actually happens. But it’s a big if.

Edit: the proposal has now been scrapped, due to inactivity.

By Hugh