Your 6 New Heads

My name is Hugh. I like to make experimental music, web code, fonts, images, and sometimes even physical things, like bread or electrical gadgets. I’m also particularly interested in all kinds of science, the natural world, and linguistics. I live in south-west England, but often spend time around Berlin, Germany.

The site name, y6nH, is just my first name upside-down, as near as possible within the constraints of basic alphanumeric ASCII .

Here we go again

My blog has had many names and homes over the years. There was a Blogger phase, a Wordpress phase, there was a static site like this on GitHub pages, and there was a Plume phase on The subjects and styles have been disparate to the point of incoherence, though I hope some of it was worth reading. The one common quality they’ve all had is an extremely slack work ethic. Some months, a few posts; some years, none at all.

So here’s the 2021 version. It’s simpler than ever – no database, no analytics, no cookies, no web fonts, no scripts (unless I’m doing something specifically scripty on the specific page, like web audio). It has a slightly updated version of the old theme from my GitHub pages, and it’s still generated with Hugo (no relation).

The plan is to import at least some of the old posts here, try to bring some structure to them, and occasionally add some more.


I belong to that privileged and disproportionately influential minority of humans who are judged white, male and able-bodied. We don’t deserve the advantages we have. We have extra responsibility for the damage we’ve done to the environment, and the historic crimes against humanity through which we accumulated the status we still enjoy. I try to do my small part. Tell me if I get it wrong.